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When searching for gearboxes many individuals opt for a reconditioned gearbox, in which is a far more inexpensive choice than investing in a new one. Reconditioned gearboxes have become a common choice for many individuals to save money on their vehicle.


The History Of The Gearbox


To help understand reconditioned gearboxes, it first helps to know a little of the history behind the transmission. This technology was first developed in Germany in the 1900s and was used for marine applications. The manual transmission came into being in 1906, with the building of the Ford Model T and Model K. The manual transmission uses bands and gears. In 1937, General Motors started using fluid couplings. The same year, the semi-automatic transmission was developed. The semi-automatic transmission allowed for easier shifting. A GM engineer by the name of Earl Thompson developed the first fully automatic transmission, in 1948. By the 1980s, special features began to appear on the horizon.


Some of these options included:


* Hill-hold - this feature kept the car from rolling backwards when idle on an upgrade.


* Automatic or manual shifting - this allowed the driver to have control when they wished.


* Edsel's Teletouch shifting - an electric shift motor operated by buttons in the middle of the steering wheel.


* Overdrive – overdrive configurations in 3.4, and 4 plus.


* Push-button shifting – a two-cable mechanism used by Chrysler Torqueflite.


Gearbox Repairs


You love your car and when it is not working right, the most important thing is to get it back on the road with a reconditioned gearbox. The first thing you have to decide is, do you attempt to make the repairs yourself or do you hire a specialist. The cost of replacing a transmission can be overwhelming. If you have the knowledge to replace the transmission yourself, that would be the cheapest way to handle the situation. Research into what present reconditioned gearbox prices are versus what the charge would be to have a specialist repair it for you should be your next step. Most people do not have the ability, so the next option is to hire a gearbox specialist. Some specialists are able to obtain reconditioned gearboxes for you and some specialists pressure you to purchase new ones.


Automatic Gearbox


The automatic transmission consists of several components. It doesn't matter if it is a new gearbox or a reconditioned gearbox, the box includes the hydraulic system that controls and activates the clutch, the gears, and the torque converter, which acts as a clutch, the throttle cable monitor and the governor. The complexity of these components is what provides us with high precision and split-second accuracy. If one of these components malfunctions, it can cause bad results while the transmission is shifting. If you feel your transmission shudder with each shift of the gears, you have something that's gone wrong. If your transmission is shifting smoothly, you won't hear it, but if you feel a sudden drop in power while shifting and the speed increases, you have a problem. If either of these conditions occurs, you should get it checked by a specialist to help prevent more serious problems from occurring. Keep a check on the transmission fluid level; check for leaks, and for the color and odor of the fluid, if you want to prevent problems before damage is done to your transmission. Automatic gearbox problems and repairs are best handled by a gearbox specialist.


Manual Gearbox


Common causes for problems with your manual transmission:


* Hard to shift – low lubricant level or clutch linkage needs lubricating or adjustments.


* Leaking lubricant – level too high, cracks in the transmission case, loose bolts, drain plug loose or missing or vent hole plugged.


* Noise in the gear – worn bearings or gears, damaged synchronizers, chipped gear teeth, or not enough lubricant.


* Noisy while in neutral – not enough or the wrong kind of lubricant, worn reverse idler gear, and worn gear teeth or bearings.


Gearbox Specialist


If you are replacing your gearbox with a reconditioned gearbox, taking your vehicle to a gearbox specialist is similar to going to a medical specialist. Transmissions have become more complex and more computerized over the years. The gearbox or transmission specialist is trained for many years to handle manual and automatic gearbox problems. A gearbox specialist usually requires two to five years of experience to be considered fully qualified.


Reconditioned Gearboxes


The major decision that you have to make if you need to replace your transmission is do you purchase a new one or buy a reconditioned one? The cost of the reconditioned gearbox is usually less, but do your research to make sure you are getting it from a reputable source. If it is not a good gearbox, it can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Taking your budget into consideration, you will have to decide which is the better option for you: a gearbox reconditioned or a new gearbox. Compare the prices, research the seller, and then make your decision.


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